Gabrielle reece dating

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Gabrielle reece dating

For all of us, they have the added benefit of not getting in the way of our active lives, where taking a hit to the mouth (from a board or a ball) is a very real possibility.

Reece: We tell our daughter this tip, and we live by it as well: Try things that make you uncomfortable. Hamilton: Or, put another way: Don’t be scared to be a beginner again.

I used to care so much more about people’s reactions.

But I learned to say no more often without feeling the need to offer a bunch of excuses.

It’s a team effort that extends beyond their fitness regimens to encompass overall well-being, nutrition, and even caring for their teeth.

We caught up with them for their hard-won tips on living the good life.

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Reece: Neither of us is going as hard as we did 20 years ago.

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