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I just think it's always way too basic and it's all usually resolved way too fast.So it ends up just feeling half-assed and empty, as if the writers are simply going "Hey guys we haven't had much strategy in our fighting lately, quick, you all have 5 minutes to write something down on a napkin"., weekdays at CAT is an ongoing Japanese anime tv collection produced by Toei Animation.The present began airing on the fifth of July 2015.

is a sequel to Toriyama’s unique Dragon Ball manga and the Dragon Ball Z tv collection, that includes the primary new storyline in 18 years.Man, the last episode and this current episode really have stepped up the artwork and animation.Also the fights are having much more effort and thought put into them.Not as good as the last few episodes, but still a good episode in of itself.Though i DON'T see Piccolo getting taken out for not listening a problem; the entire point of Quleta's strategy was to make the Fighters specifically think the second 'gunman' was just another invisible person and someone they could only find through energy sensing; making them not try to hear him out.

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It's either A) The gimmick isn't that threatening and is defeated almost immediately, or B) The characters just scream loudly and "power through" a cool ability, like Jiren with Hit's time trap.